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If you've come to this page, you're probably curious about the team behind this company. Exportfer specialises in international strategy. It is a young, dynamic company made up of experts with a wealth of experience in foreign trade. We have a clear aim: to internationalise your company, increase sales and improve profitability by reliable means so that you can face the future in a new way.



Strategies to kick-start your internationalisation




Personalised internationalisation support for your business


If your company has rarely or never exported before, we can help you to find an export solution that will provide sustainable, long-term business with the best possible guarantees.
Each company is different. That's why we are convinced that the best way we can help you is by examining your case on an individual basis, getting to know your company and the goals you want to achieve in depth so that we can offer you a tailor-made plan.
We believe in you and your company. We want to be part of your project and ensure you achieve your goals.


Export to


Do you want to increase your sales in the international market?
We can help you do just that. We'll analyse your aims and work out how to achieve them.
And if you're not getting the results you wanted in a market to which you already export, we can change that too, and find the best trade partner for you in your target country.
Whether you're interested in exporting to a specific market and want to know how to achieve it or you've already moved into exports with little success, we are committed to ensuring you get results.


Seeking blue


Have you ever heard of the "blue ocean" concept? It means innovating to identify new or unexplored business ideas.
We're in contact with a range of businesses and markets worldwide, which is a substantial advantage when it comes to identifying business opportunities you can use to develop new products adapted or created to satisfy an existing demand in the market.
We will advise you on how to innovate and/or adapt your products so that you can stay ahead of the market trends and find the new products of the future.


Your company



A company with international concerns.
A company whose products cross borders.
A company whose market is the world.





The world



A place full of opportunities


Did you know?


We've been hearing about globalisation for a long time. But we like to work with a "glocalisation" approach.We believe that local products should be available to be enjoyed anywhere in the world. The time when only giant multinationals could afford to internationalise is over. We are dedicated to local companies who put all their efforts into ensuring they provide the best products. We want to make sure that this passion for quality products produced locally can be shared all over the world.














We travel to where we're needed to check in person that the project is viable, holding meetings with potential clients in order to gather all the information required and provide you with the best options.

We then make a joint decision on the best future strategy to suit the future of the brand.

Immersion and in-depth company knowledge.


QWe want to get to know your company inside out. The most important thing for us is to share your passion, dreams and values. In a nutshell, we want to tell the world why your company is the best choice. We want to tell your story.




We carry out an in-depth study of potential products and markets. The comprehensive information and internal/external data we gather are used to help you make the right decision.




Our past experience is also a useful guide. We learn from each client, adding our new knowledge to our past experience.

We put all of our experience at the service of your company and your project.





Carrying out a detailed analysis is crucial to defining a successful strategy. We compile a set of variables that will give the best strategies over the short, medium and long term.

We will structure a value chain for your product with the aim of achieving perfect market positioning and building a future for your brand in that market.



All good business necessarily involves a little intuition. That feeling in our bones that guides us towards the right choice.

We use business intuition and an international vision alongside our vast experience as valuable elements of achieving future success.





Our business allies located in numerous countries worldwide are always willing to lend a hand. We work hard to ensure that our network of partners is continuously expanding.

Our allies will be responsible for carrying out a second set of trials, this time in the target market. This is the true litmus test for the chosen strategy.

New technology


Technology is a crucial element of modern life. We make use of new technologies both to analyse your situation and formulate an alternative sales method.

New technologies also allow us to carry out trials to put our strategies to the test, reducing any risks involved before implementation.

5 Steps





Together we'll decide on a time period when we can build up exhaustive knowledge of your company.

We want to get to know you and your company to fully understand your processes right up to the moment your product reaches the end consumer.

We will identify your company's competitive advantage and the best qualities of your products.





At this point we already know your company's strong points. Now let's make the most of them!

We'll analyse the international markets best suited to your product in order to define strategies for success.





Once we've analysed the most promising markets, we'll give you our opinion on the following:

—A short-term strategy allowing your company to achieve results fast;

—A medium-term strategy, working from the outset on markets that hold an interest for your company so that we can achieve optimal product positioning;

—A long-term strategy that establishes where you want to go, involving more complex markets with great potential but where results would be achieved within a more extended time frame.





Time to take ACTION

Right from the start, our strategy will be focused on ensuring you take advantage of each and every opportunity.

We will monitor your business in a personalised way in order to increase your sales in each market.





We will offer you ongoing guidance to increasing your business.

We will identify business opportunities that you can leverage to develop new adapted products or products that are created to satisfy an existing demand in the market.

Your company will be stronger, more capable of facing the future with confidence, diversifying into new markets with the security of well-defined long-term goals.



Deep in opportunities



We want to be the best at one thing: finding the best opportunities and agreements for our clients. In particular, we focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises that in the past were only able to access the export market with great difficulty. We offer SMEs an excellent and affordable service, making it easy for them to develop their product sales in foreign markets.




Internationalisation support for your business


This service is mainly designed for companies with little or no international experience, providing them with a comprehensive internationalisation plan. Once we have produced an analysis of your company, we will define an internationalisation strategy that allows you to make the most of your potential and take full advantage of all opportunities.


Country plan



This service is for companies with some experience in international markets and who are interested in advancing in a specific market or markets. In this case, a specific plan is developed for the target market.


Supplier search



This service is targeted at companies looking for a new supplier or who are interested in diversifying their current supplier base. We will seek the best solution so that you can enjoy long-term business relations based on trust with the maximum quality guarantee for the products concerned.


Imports and product distribution on the Spanish market


A service for international companies not currently present on the Spanish market or companies that have already moved into the Spanish market but have not achieved the results they hoped for.

A comprehensive service to develop your brand and meet your sales targets within Spain.


Trade missions and international trade fairs


We can attend trade missions and/or international trade fairs on behalf of your company. We also offer the possibility of group participation, which renders a high level of profitability at the lowest possible cost.


Business opportunity bank


If you're thinking of trading abroad, buying Spanish products or changing the way your company works, get in touch with us: we can help you.
Whether you want to drop us an e-mail or give us a call, we'll do our best to help, with no obligation.

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